The Party to Top All Parties

When my company won a huge contract that changed how we would do business, I knew that I had to reward everyone in the company for making this possible. I decided to have a corporate dinner complete with entertainment, and I invited everyone from my company as well as the team from the new company we would be doing business with. It was a time of celebration for all of us, as it benefitted them just as much as it did us. I even went as far as hiring corporate entertainers because I wanted it to be a grand time for everyone there.

The menu consisted of lobster, steak, and pasta along with all kinds of sides. The desserts were made by a local bakery that caters to an upscale crowd. The venue was decorated perfectly. What really made the entire night so fun though was the entertainment that I had secured through a company that offers everything from whimsical to classy entertainment. I did not want anything whimsical, but I also did not want to appear stuffy and have just classy entertainment either. I opted to have a comedian as well as a live band.

The comedian did three different sets, and each one was just as funny as the others. His humor was clean and thoughtful, and it was just downright fun to hear. The live band also did three sets. The first was before dinner. We had classical music while we ate, then the band came back to play some older tunes that we all enjoyed. They finally rounded out the evening by playing modern music and taking requests for the last 90-minute set. It was definitely a lot of fun, and I have a feeling we will be using this entertainment company for many more parties and events in the future.

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