Technology Drives Innovations in Land Development

 ... Assessed for Orbit Determination at Global Positioning System OrbitTechnology in land development is responsible for keeping growth possible in a struggling economy. Undeveloped land can have retail operations up and running in months from the time the first tree is removed. Heavy equipment working along with surveyors using GPS technology can lay out a plan for every hill and flat space on a building site much quicker than if the Global Positioning System satellites were not in place. The equipment itself can now tell exactly where it is at. Following blueprints to dig a spot down to the inch of where it needs to be is easier now.

Technology makes it easier to get big cranes into city centers to build buildings straight up around the cranes that lift everything into place. Computer systems manage inventories of aggregate, sand and cement to make sure that the thousands of yards of concrete that need to be poured to build a new highway never lags behind. The speed and continuity built into the infrastructure of the building industry allows the buildings to go up and the highways to be made faster. This drives the economy. The builders get paid and the land developers get paid as people can move more freely and have access to the goods they want to purchase.

If business had to put up with the delays and slow progress in development that was common when some things could not be adequately planned for or even foreseen, more projects would bankrupt and money would be lost. Now there are systems and algorithms that will warn of problems before they even occur. Sure, the systems are not flawless but they work well enough to drive the economy forward in an era where gain or loss can be decided in days. The need to move ahead then drives the development of better technologies.

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