Selling My Old Car Was a Breeze

Most people would find it odd that I did not own a care before the age of 30. I often walked or used a bus to get anywhere that I needed to. But after having some trouble on a few occasions while walking at night, I figured that it was time to get a car. The car is ten years old now, and I had been wondering for awhile about what I should do exactly to sell my car in San Diego the easy way. In addition, I wondered if anyone would really want my old car.

When I originally purchased my car, I chose to buy a used car versus a new one. I prefer walking over driving because I get much needed exercise and I like to enjoy the scenery when I am on my way to any destination. You can’t do that easily in a car. Everything is a blur as you speed past interesting things. When walking, I can stop and take a look at things, and I notice so many different things that you do not notice while driving. I figured that I would be best to purchase a car for only $5,000 outright, rather than spending $20,000 or more dollars for a new car and be forced to pay full car insurance prices every month on top of that.

So, it was no surprise that asking others I know if they would be interested in buying my car, that everyone pointed out that it was old. None of my friends and family were interested. However, one of my family members told me about a local company that purchased old cars, even if the paint job has gone bad or the engine is having trouble. My car looks pretty beat up, so I thought I should check it out to see if this method of selling my car was the right one for me. After making a phone call to the company, and employee showed up that same day, purchased it and drove away. The entire thing was pretty simple and I am more than pleased with the outcome.

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