Selling and Leasing Some Buildings

When my parents asked me to take over the family business, I was not too surprised. I had been working in the office with them even before I graduated from school, so it just seemed natural that I would soon take over. They wanted to travel and explore the world before they hit their golden years, so they gave me the reins of the company. The first thing I did was look at an email I received not that long ago. It was an advertisement that invited me to view website for more information.

The reason I wanted to do this is because it was a website for an estate agent. My family has purchased office buildings and flats for the last 30 years, and we have rented or leased all of them out. I still wanted to do this, but I wanted to focus my time on finding new properties rather than just managing the ones that we already have. There were also a few that I wanted to unload from our company because I just didn’t feel they met the requirements for the direction I wanted to take the company in.

My folks were aware of the changes I wanted to make, and they actually gave me their blessings. I contacted the estate agent and showed him the buildings that I wanted to sell, and I also showed him a few that were sitting empty. I figured that this company could benefit me in two ways. They could sell plus lease the buildings that I had listed, and that would give me the time to look at other properties. I was actually able to find a few really nice ones on their site too, so this has worked out well for me all the way around. Business is really booming!

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