My Sister Finally Did Something About Her Failing Marriage

I have never seen two people fight like my sister and her husband. They have three kids and have been going at it back and forth for years. My sister has had physical altercations with her husband, and that does sound awful. However, in this situation, she has also caused him physical harm. They have had law enforcement at their home on much more than one occasion. They were fighting one time, and she pushed him down the stairs. It was a good thing there were only four or five stairs. She finally talked to an Austin area divorce lawyer to get advice on the house, their property and their savings.

I wondered why she had been sticking with him all these years, especially since the children were adults now and could take care of themselves. Apparently she was concerned about not having a nice home to live in and having money. They were not wealthy, but they were not broke either. She had a self-employment income and he worked a union job. They had a really nice house, and they owned additional property. She was concerned about how much she could get if the divorce went through. It seems to me that a sane person would have left and then pursued divorce proceedings to take the spouse to the cleaners. She was sticking it out until she had a good idea how it was going to play out in court.

There was no infidelity on either side. There were plenty of accusations, but no one would have either one of them knowing how they act with one another. The rest of us tried to stay out of it, but we would get the late night call to be a place to stay for a few days while things “cooled down.” There would be no way I could take a relationship like that, and I could not see myself staying just to make sure I get my fair share of the split. However, I suppose that her talking to an Austin area divorce lawyer first put the preparedness ball in her court.

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