My Mom Does Not Miss the Tree

When my father passed away last year, it was naturally a difficult time for my mom. We knew that it was coming because he had an incurable form of cancer, so we were both just grateful that we got to spend as much time with him as we did in his final months. She took about two months before she gave herself a kick into action. She said he would not want her grieving like that, and I agreed. I had to laugh at the first thing she did though, which was look up tree removal in Long Island on her computer.

They had lived in their house for nearly 20 years, and she had never contacted a tree services company before. My dad prided himself on taking care of the different trees, even the one that my mom despised. The only time I ever heard them bicker was over that tree, but my mom always acquiesced to my father because he loved it so much. Some women may keep something around just because of that, but not my mom. She had her memories, and that was plenty. She wanted that tree gone once and for all.

I can’t say that I blamed her either. The tree was not attractive at all, and it looked like it had fallen ill in the last couple of years, if that is even possible for a tree. We soon found out it is, because the tree service that came out said it is a wonder that it hadn’t come down prior to their visit. When they did cut it down, they showed my mom the inside of the tree, and it was hollowed out mostly because of disease. They are very lucky that tree didn’t topple over right onto their house! My mom still misses my dad, but she doesn’t miss the tree at all!

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