Looking for a Better Scholarship

In fact I am pretty happy that I have gotten as much interest as I have, since a couple of years ago it did not really seem as though I had much of a chance at getting a full athletic scholarship of any sort. However now I am looking to get a better one, hopefully from a school with a good computer science program. It all started a couple of years ago when I decided to really get serious about off season football training, although at the same time I really sort of caught a break in a way that was not so great for the school I attend. We had a really good middle linebacker and he was going to be a great prospect for the next level. Schools from all over were looking at him, but it all went to his head and he started to act like a big jerk. At any rate he did some really dumb things and got kicked off of the team.

Obviously the better that you are, the tougher it is for you to screw up bad enough to be thrown off the team. I could have done a lot less and they would have been over me, but this opened up a spot for me. However it was not on the defense at all. Instead they moved guys around all over the place and ended up moving the tight end to safety. I was too small to play tight end the way that the team would have before, but instead we did different stuff and it turned out that I was almost always faster and quicker than the guy the defense put on me. So I was more of a slot receiver and that was how I got the attention of the college scouts.

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