I Am Almost out of School

It has not been a smooth road, but I am finally on course to get my degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics. It is a lot more fun than last summer when I was doing tree pruning in Asheville NC. I have been really lucky because I happened to make friends with a group of guys who were either older than me or a lot smarter, they have gone out to work in the real world and I have been doing contract work for them from here in my apartment or the school library. This morning I have been looking for vulnerabilities in some betting sites. My old roommate Jackie is involved in the security of the sites, but he thinks I am the sort of evil genius he has to worry about. That is a joke, I am not particularly evil and I am no genius either. At any rate I called him up this morning and declared war upon him. He was incredibly mad when he realized that I was already inside and I had control over key aspects of the site. If I had been a real bad guy I could have plundered the entire site within minutes.

I really made a good reputation for myself in this exploit, although what I did has been kept secret up to this point. I am going to try to save it until I need it for an academic reason, if I choose post graduate studies. People in the cybersecurity business know about it and I have been getting a lot of people calling me. In fact I think that it might be a good idea to exploit the notoriety and get a good job out of it. I can finish my degree online, but of course Bill Gates never finished at Harvard and he did okay. In this industry they want to know if you are good at what they pay you to do, not if you have a framed piece of paper.

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