ADT Security for My Aging Parents

My parents are getting older. They still think they are as they were in their prime. I like it that they still see themselves as youthful, but the reality is that they have slowed a bit even in the last five or so years. This and their nice home makes them targets of those who would like to prey on them. I finally convinced them to get ADT to come out and secure the house. Then I set about teaching them the value of not forgetting to arm the system. An addition we added was turning their bedroom into a safe room. The door is pretty much impenetrable even though it looks quite like a regular door. It can withstand sledge hammers and axes.

My goal was to make sure they were protected until the police got there if there ever was a need. They grew up in an era where they did not lock their doors or windows. Then, as the years went by, they saw the value in securing the home on a routine basis. We discussed misdirection used by thieves and con artists. How they will keep you busy at the front door while another one sneaks in back to steal jewelry, purses and other valuables.

My goal was to just help them have a safer mindset without frightening them. I achieved that goal. They took to the technology like teenagers with a new video game. I was impressed! They even know how to check on their little dogs while they are away from the house. Their security cams are connected to their broadband Internet. They lock their security door to their bedroom every night without fail. Plus the room is available to them during the day if they ever need a safe place to retreat to.

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