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Land Development Breakthroughs – About Us

Our purpose and passion are simple.

To deliver superior informational resources, serve as an advocate for the industry by formalizing and promoting the value of its service to society, and promote the values of multi-disciplinary collaboration and teamwork and the improvement of business and project management practices throughout the entire land development industry.

Our series of Land Development Breakthroughs workshops and conferences, as well asSustainable Land Development Today magazine are focused of on improving the land development industry in three key areas, as once can not be achieved without the other two:

The social responsibility of industry professionals to recognize that project design affects a broad level of human well-being.

Recognizing the ultimate value and supreme intelligence that is inherent in the natural world.

Creating developments that deliver maximum value (present and future) to allstakeholders – driven by market demand – using the most efficient means possible using the holistic triple-bottom-line perspective.

We firmly believe that development needs to be a balanced activity with equal emphasis on economy, environment, and social equity.

The Land Development Breakthroughs series of workshops and conferences provides “today’s perspective” and “tomorrow’s success” to the land development industry. The uniqueness of the content provided in our conferences and workshops takes issues that are relevant to the various disciplines involved in the land development process and presents them in a manner that will benefit all stakeholders in the process, including:

• developing more effective and profitable projects;

• learning about the most important trends and strategies; and

• building the relationships that mean success.


Sustainable Land Development International
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