A Home with a Shower from Your Dreams

I recently bought a home in NJ that had been on the market for nearly two years. That is a long time for any home to sit idle on the market which was beginning to detract potential buyers from even looking at it. Well, the price continued to fall and after losing nearly $20,000 off the original asking price I snatched it up despite knowing what I would most likely find once I was able to get into the house itself. It was a mess! The first thing I did was replace the shower doors in essex county nj because someone had shattered the original ones – ugh!

When a home is left to sit so long on the market without any appropriate security like this one had, you’re going to find a mess. The original owners had died so the bank was selling it off. The bank really didn’t seem to care about the potential value of the property or the property itself. It was something that they had left in the hands of the Realtor who was as shady as they come. The home had been allowed to rot away becoming a victim to vandalism and a home for squatters.

Those are the sort of homes that I target, however. It means that I can get them for cheap! I can easily do some cost effective renovation projects on the home and still come out ahead after I sell them through my own Realtor. Which is exactly what I did on this new place in Essex County NJ – the selling point was the incredible waterfall shower that I had built to replace the previously ruined shower. With an all glass enclosure, heated stone walls and floor, it was nearly enough to make me want to keep it myself.

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