A Chance Break Starts a New Career

I have a lot of experience with being a secretary and providing legal advice to companies. For 10 years, that’s been my focus providing them with corporate secretarial services. However, I’ve found myself in a position that I never expected to find myself in. I had been laid off and jobless for a month when the unexpected happened. I broke my leg.

Being jobless is fine, but when you break your leg you end up in a position that you can’t make money in a normal job and you can’t get any income coming in from being injured. I was out of luck, expect for one thing. The services that I provided to my past employer was a service that many companies look for someone in. I know, I can’t actually go into the business and work. However, I could apply online and work remotely. Which it what I did.

I browsed a few freelance sites and found a listing for someone looking to fill a corporate secretary position. I got my resume and sent it. A few hours later, me and the company had a meeting and we hit it off. He asked me if I was familiar with a few legal items because in their company, they’re focus is on those practices and ensure they are in compliance. I told him my last job dealt heavily on that aspect and I would be comfortable seeing over that and enforcing any rule that was in question.

I think I really hit it off with the manager because a few hours after that, he emailed me and asked me when I could start. I started immediately. The job was perfect for me! I specialized in the areas they needed help with and everyone was really interested and easy to work with. Despite being a few states away, they were still communicating with me as if we were all in the same room. Working from home wasn’t even hard, I found that my focus on reading their documents over was easier due to being in a stress free environment.

I worked for them for years. They enjoyed me and my expertise and I just really enjoyed helping the company. I really liked the people as well, we all meshed really well. I did find that I liked providing corporate secretarial services from home and started my own business of providing those services from the comforts of my home. I became my own boss.

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