My Mom Does Not Miss the Tree

May 6th, 2022

When my father passed away last year, it was naturally a difficult time for my mom. We knew that it was coming because he had an incurable form of cancer, so we were both just grateful that we got to spend as much time with him as we did in his final months. She took about two months before she gave herself a kick into action. She said he would not want her grieving like that, and I agreed. I had to laugh at the first thing she did though, which was look up tree removal in Long Island on her computer.

They had lived in their house for nearly 20 years, and she had never contacted a tree services company before. My dad prided himself on taking care of the different trees, even the one that my mom despised. The only time I ever heard them bicker was over that tree, but my mom always acquiesced to my father because he loved it so much. Some women may keep something around just because of that, but not my mom. She had her memories, and that was plenty. She wanted that tree gone once and for all.

I can’t say that I blamed her either. The tree was not attractive at all, and it looked like it had fallen ill in the last couple of years, if that is even possible for a tree. We soon found out it is, because the tree service that came out said it is a wonder that it hadn’t come down prior to their visit. When they did cut it down, they showed my mom the inside of the tree, and it was hollowed out mostly because of disease. They are very lucky that tree didn’t topple over right onto their house! My mom still misses my dad, but she doesn’t miss the tree at all!

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Selling My Old Car Was a Breeze

February 1st, 2022

Most people would find it odd that I did not own a care before the age of 30. I often walked or used a bus to get anywhere that I needed to. But after having some trouble on a few occasions while walking at night, I figured that it was time to get a car. The car is ten years old now, and I had been wondering for awhile about what I should do exactly to sell my car in San Diego the easy way. In addition, I wondered if anyone would really want my old car.

When I originally purchased my car, I chose to buy a used car versus a new one. I prefer walking over driving because I get much needed exercise and I like to enjoy the scenery when I am on my way to any destination. You can’t do that easily in a car. Everything is a blur as you speed past interesting things. When walking, I can stop and take a look at things, and I notice so many different things that you do not notice while driving. I figured that I would be best to purchase a car for only $5,000 outright, rather than spending $20,000 or more dollars for a new car and be forced to pay full car insurance prices every month on top of that.

So, it was no surprise that asking others I know if they would be interested in buying my car, that everyone pointed out that it was old. None of my friends and family were interested. However, one of my family members told me about a local company that purchased old cars, even if the paint job has gone bad or the engine is having trouble. My car looks pretty beat up, so I thought I should check it out to see if this method of selling my car was the right one for me. After making a phone call to the company, and employee showed up that same day, purchased it and drove away. The entire thing was pretty simple and I am more than pleased with the outcome.

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A Chance Break Starts a New Career

December 4th, 2020

I have a lot of experience with being a secretary and providing legal advice to companies. For 10 years, that’s been my focus providing them with corporate secretarial services. However, I’ve found myself in a position that I never expected to find myself in. I had been laid off and jobless for a month when the unexpected happened. I broke my leg.

Being jobless is fine, but when you break your leg you end up in a position that you can’t make money in a normal job and you can’t get any income coming in from being injured. I was out of luck, expect for one thing. The services that I provided to my past employer was a service that many companies look for someone in. I know, I can’t actually go into the business and work. However, I could apply online and work remotely. Which it what I did.

I browsed a few freelance sites and found a listing for someone looking to fill a corporate secretary position. I got my resume and sent it. A few hours later, me and the company had a meeting and we hit it off. He asked me if I was familiar with a few legal items because in their company, they’re focus is on those practices and ensure they are in compliance. I told him my last job dealt heavily on that aspect and I would be comfortable seeing over that and enforcing any rule that was in question.

I think I really hit it off with the manager because a few hours after that, he emailed me and asked me when I could start. I started immediately. The job was perfect for me! I specialized in the areas they needed help with and everyone was really interested and easy to work with. Despite being a few states away, they were still communicating with me as if we were all in the same room. Working from home wasn’t even hard, I found that my focus on reading their documents over was easier due to being in a stress free environment.

I worked for them for years. They enjoyed me and my expertise and I just really enjoyed helping the company. I really liked the people as well, we all meshed really well. I did find that I liked providing corporate secretarial services from home and started my own business of providing those services from the comforts of my home. I became my own boss.

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The Party to Top All Parties

July 7th, 2019

When my company won a huge contract that changed how we would do business, I knew that I had to reward everyone in the company for making this possible. I decided to have a corporate dinner complete with entertainment, and I invited everyone from my company as well as the team from the new company we would be doing business with. It was a time of celebration for all of us, as it benefitted them just as much as it did us. I even went as far as hiring corporate entertainers because I wanted it to be a grand time for everyone there.

The menu consisted of lobster, steak, and pasta along with all kinds of sides. The desserts were made by a local bakery that caters to an upscale crowd. The venue was decorated perfectly. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Home with a Shower from Your Dreams

October 30th, 2015

I recently bought a home in NJ that had been on the market for nearly two years. That is a long time for any home to sit idle on the market which was beginning to detract potential buyers from even looking at it. Well, the price continued to fall and after losing nearly $20,000 off the original asking price I snatched it up despite knowing what I would most likely find once I was able to get into the house itself. It was a mess! The first thing I did was replace the shower doors in essex county nj because someone had shattered the original ones – ugh!

When a home is left to sit so long on the market without any appropriate security like this one had, you’re going to find a mess. The original owners had died so the bank was selling it off. The bank really didn’t seem to care about the potential value of the property or the property itself. It was something that they had left in the hands of the Realtor who was as shady as they come. The home had been allowed to rot away becoming a victim to vandalism and a home for squatters.

Those are the sort of homes that I target, however. It means that I can get them for cheap! I can easily do some cost effective renovation projects on the home and still come out ahead after I sell them through my own Realtor. Which is exactly what I did on this new place in Essex County NJ – the selling point was the incredible waterfall shower that I had built to replace the previously ruined shower. With an all glass enclosure, heated stone walls and floor, it was nearly enough to make me want to keep it myself.

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I Am Almost out of School

July 7th, 2021

It has not been a smooth road, but I am finally on course to get my degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics. It is a lot more fun than last summer when I was doing tree pruning in Asheville NC. I have been really lucky because I happened to make friends with a group of guys who were either older than me or a lot smarter, they have gone out to work in the real world and I have been doing contract work for them from here in my apartment or the school library. This morning I have been looking for vulnerabilities in some betting sites. My old roommate Jackie is involved in the security of the sites, but he thinks I am the sort of evil genius he has to worry about. That is a joke, I am not particularly evil and I am no genius either. At any rate I called him up this morning and declared war upon him. He was incredibly mad when he realized that I was already inside and I had control over key aspects of the site. If I had been a real bad guy I could have plundered the entire site within minutes.

I really made a good reputation for myself in this exploit, although what I did has been kept secret up to this point. I am going to try to save it until I need it for an academic reason, if I choose post graduate studies. People in the cybersecurity business know about it and I have been getting a lot of people calling me. In fact I think that it might be a good idea to exploit the notoriety and get a good job out of it. I can finish my degree online, but of course Bill Gates never finished at Harvard and he did okay. In this industry they want to know if you are good at what they pay you to do, not if you have a framed piece of paper.

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Home Protection on a Budget

April 13th, 2019

I normally expect to hear a lot of bad things on the news, but what has been on lately has really given me a fright. There have been some reports of people breaking and entering into homes, most of the time at night, but some of them in the middle of the day. During the day, I’m at work, and at night I’m sleeping, so if someone entered my home, I wouldn’t know until it was too late. I didn’t want to take any chances of being caught off guard, so I went to to look at some prices for a home security system.

You can’t really put a price of safety, but you can limit how much you spend on it if you have to follow a budget. Given how much I make a month, I don’t have a lot of room for a super expensive security system. The basics with some cameras are good enough for me. I figure that a system that has an alarm and cameras can catch pretty much anything and deter anyone from entering. Anyone who is bold enough to keep trying to break into a home while the security alarm is still going is someone that I don’t want to meet.

As the new reports get worse and worse, I can sleep easier knowing that I at least have a form of defense from everything that tries to get into my home. I know I can’t stop everything from happening, but if I can prevent most things, then I’ll be fine. I can always keep an eye on my home using the cameras, and if something happens while I am asleep, the system will contact the authorities, and they’ll be at my home in the blink of an eye to take care of the problem.

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My Sister Finally Did Something About Her Failing Marriage

April 11th, 2019

I have never seen two people fight like my sister and her husband. They have three kids and have been going at it back and forth for years. My sister has had physical altercations with her husband, and that does sound awful. However, in this situation, she has also caused him physical harm. They have had law enforcement at their home on much more than one occasion. They were fighting one time, and she pushed him down the stairs. It was a good thing there were only four or five stairs. She finally talked to an Austin area divorce lawyer to get advice on the house, their property and their savings.

I wondered why she had been sticking with him all these years, especially since the children were adults now and could take care of themselves. Apparently she was concerned about not having a nice home to live in and having money. They were not wealthy, but they were not broke either. She had a self-employment income and he worked a union job. Read the rest of this entry »

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Looking for a Better Scholarship

March 17th, 2017

In fact I am pretty happy that I have gotten as much interest as I have, since a couple of years ago it did not really seem as though I had much of a chance at getting a full athletic scholarship of any sort. However now I am looking to get a better one, hopefully from a school with a good computer science program. It all started a couple of years ago when I decided to really get serious about off season football training, although at the same time I really sort of caught a break in a way that was not so great for the school I attend. We had a really good middle linebacker and he was going to be a great prospect for the next level. Schools from all over were looking at him, but it all went to his head and he started to act like a big jerk. At any rate he did some really dumb things and got kicked off of the team. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why I Had to See a Chiropractor

January 11th, 2017

My doctor told me I should see a chiropractor in Sacramento because of pain in my lower back. I had told him about it, and he had X-rays done to see if there was a problem, but he was not able to see anything wrong. He suggested that a chiropractor could help me in a few different ways, between adjustments, massage and an exercise routine. Since I had never needed this kind of doctor before, I decided to go online and read up on the local chiropractors to see which one I felt comfortable enough with seeing.

I liked everything that I saw on the website for Barham Chiropractic, and I looked at some local review sites to see if anyone had been there and left a review. There were quite a few, and all of them were really positive. I made the appointment, hoping that this was the answer I needed to finally get rid of the pain I had been experiencing in my back. I felt comfortable even before I walked in the door because of how nice the person was who made the appointment. Read the rest of this entry »

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Deciding What to Do with the Settlement

September 15th, 2016

I have been thinking about this for quite awhile. I have some extra money because I got a settlement from when I got into this accident a few months ago, a Sacramento auto accident attorney ended up getting me a lot more money than I had expected it to cost me. The thing is that some times you just have to be lucky and in this case the drunken idiot who hit me was really rich. He was some sort of Silicon Valley venture capitalist it turned out. The car that he hit me in was a really nice Mercedes Benz, I thought that it was a limousine at first and I thought that maybe this guy had stolen it. I mean that he was really in a different stratosphere and I could not understand the words coming out of his mouth.

I have started to work on a plan for my cousin’s bachelor party. I have been given the job for some reason, which I am not really sure why. Of course I am not putting much money into it and about twenty other guys are putting in a lot of money. Read the rest of this entry »

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ADT Security for My Aging Parents

September 22nd, 2015

My parents are getting older. They still think they are as they were in their prime. I like it that they still see themselves as youthful, but the reality is that they have slowed a bit even in the last five or so years. This and their nice home makes them targets of those who would like to prey on them. I finally convinced them to get ADT to come out and secure the house. Then I set about teaching them the value of not forgetting to arm the system. An addition we added was turning their bedroom into a safe room. The door is pretty much impenetrable even though it looks quite like a regular door. It can withstand sledge hammers and axes.

My goal was to make sure they were protected until the police got there if there ever was a need. They grew up in an era where they did not lock their doors or windows. Then, as the years went by, they saw the value in securing the home on a routine basis. We discussed misdirection used by thieves and con artists. Read the rest of this entry »

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Selling and Leasing Some Buildings

January 30th, 2015

When my parents asked me to take over the family business, I was not too surprised. I had been working in the office with them even before I graduated from school, so it just seemed natural that I would soon take over. They wanted to travel and explore the world before they hit their golden years, so they gave me the reins of the company. The first thing I did was look at an email I received not that long ago. It was an advertisement that invited me to view website for more information.

The reason I wanted to do this is because it was a website for an estate agent. My family has purchased office buildings and flats for the last 30 years, and we have rented or leased all of them out. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Importance of Building and Retaining the Soil in Watershead Areas

August 20th, 2012

The Global Positioning System and Circles - Math CentralWith new developments in modern agriculture and vast areas of land being developed throughout the world, keeping our soil and building up the ground in watershed areas has never been more important. In order to properly develop the land, we must use what we have learned in the past and apply it to what we are doing now. If we do not learn, we are destined to repeat the hard earned mistakes others have suffered.

When using heavy machinery, the soil becomes compacted and vegetation is removed. These soils cannot absorb water and causes large amounts of runoff. This leads to flooding in areas where flooding was never a problem. It also leads to acidification in the soil.

The way to fix this problem is with vegetation. Even small scattered areas within a developed area. Without vegetation, the future use of the land and its impact on the surrounding lands is in question. The best soil is created by microorganisms and plant roots which are a vital part of the ecosystem. Read the rest of this entry »

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Technology Drives Innovations in Land Development

August 20th, 2012

 ... Assessed for Orbit Determination at Global Positioning System OrbitTechnology in land development is responsible for keeping growth possible in a struggling economy. Undeveloped land can have retail operations up and running in months from the time the first tree is removed. Heavy equipment working along with surveyors using GPS technology can lay out a plan for every hill and flat space on a building site much quicker than if the Global Positioning System satellites were not in place. The equipment itself can now tell exactly where it is at. Following blueprints to dig a spot down to the inch of where it needs to be is easier now.

Technology makes it easier to get big cranes into city centers to build buildings straight up around the cranes that lift everything into place. Read the rest of this entry »

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